About Khlux

Khlux is Cambodia’s trusted online platform for shopping & selling the widest range of luxury & premium branded products. It is our endeavor to make true luxury accessible. Our members can shop on web or mobile for an exciting collection of new and pre-owned luxury merchandise across categories.

With an exciting lineup of luxury brands, incredible offers, easy buying & selling features, Cambodia’s best-in-class authentication team and personalised services, Khlux has quickly become Cambodia’s trusted and fastest growing online luxury destination.

Founding Vision
Founded by Tiffany Chheng the vision of making luxury accessible and affordable, Khlux is conceptualized by a dedicated team of experienced professionals who believe that “luxury is timeless” and that every luxury piece, whether newly obtained or savoured for long, is a valuable investment.

With the world becoming a smaller place, an increasing exposure to international luxury brands and rising disposable incomes, the founder saw a latent need to fulfill the aspirations of millions of global Cambodian looking to experience true luxury. With an intuitive and engaging social commerce interface supported by a robust digital backbone, Khlux aims to become the first online store for all things luxury, from handbags to watches.

Our founder come with a deep experience of decoding consumer insights, taking luxury brands online and have successfully built and scaled e-commerce companies in the past.